A New Game Engine?

Yes we are. It's called the "Siege Engine". If you ask "why are you building yet another game engine?" the answer is mostly "because of the Rust language and what it promises." But we have to admit, the answer is also because we want to deeply understand and fully control everything.

We have no allusions or aspirations of competing with commercial game engines. We will probably never be a real-time editor. We wont have tools for game developers to program games with dropdown choices (only real coders with real code). But we will try to do all the major systems, and to do them well.

We think we can get more out of Vulkan than Unreal and Unity do. They added Vulkan on, but didn't design around it.

We think we can prevent cheating at a level of confidence that no Unreal Engine based game could ever hope to achieve (We believe Epic Games is still marketing an engine that fundementally was not designed for the Internet, but rather for LANs).

We also plan to open-source the client and network protocol eventually, both allowing players to build custom clients, and also allowing game developers to build their own compatible proprietary backend worlds.

Some of the things that go into a game engine include:

Many of these things are already implemented. I feel like I'm half way there, but I'm probably only 10% of the way.