We are a small indie team developing fantasy MMORPG game technologies.

Tech Demo:

Font Rendering

Read about our successful foray into font rendering

Our Modern Technological Base: Rust and Vulkan

Read about why we think Rust is the bees knees

A New Game Engine?

Read about why we are doing this.

Bonus!: ^^^ Download links are included! ^^^

Tell me about the game!

Something is brewing. But at this rate, we wont go public with any details until 2030 or later (and I'm turning 48 this year, so I might not live to finish this). We hope to pick up the pace but I currently am working on this alone.

So sorry, no I cannot disclose anything about any rumors of a game, maybe a game, game ideas, whatever. Right now it is way too early (and so very cool!)

Star Rendering

Check out our star rendering results

When I say "we" I really mean "me". Gnomonic Games is currently Michael Dilger).