We [1] are a small indie team developing fantasy MMORPG game technologies.

Tech Demo:

Font Rendering

Read about our successful foray into font rendering

Our Modern Technological Base: Rust and Vulkan

Read about why we think Rust is the bees knees

A New Game Engine?

Read about why we are doing this.

Tell me about the game!

Something is brewing. But at this rate, we wont go public with any details until 2030 or later (and I'm turning 48 this year, so I might not live to finish this). We hope to pick up the pace but I currently am working on this alone.

So sorry, no I cannot disclose anything about any rumors of a game, maybe a game, game ideas, whatever. Right now it is way too early (and so very cool!)

Star Rendering

Check out our star rendering results

[1] When I say "we" I really mean "me". Gnomonic Games is currently Michael Dilger.